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Clinical Data Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

Clinical Data Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

2023 Industry Outlook

Clinical trial leaders today face a host of tough challenges and promising opportunities. They must increase efficiency and reduce cycle times, while grappling with greater trial complexity and talent scarcity. At the same time, decentralization, automation, and advanced analytics have the potential to transform- for the better- the way we execute and analyze clinical trials.

How are industry leaders responding to this changing landscape?

eClinical Solutions recently polled 60 clinical operations, data management and clinical data services professionals within pharmaceutical sponsor organizations to gain insights on their experiences of these challenges, and what they see as the greatest opportunities ahead for digital transformation.

In this ebook, we share the exclusive findings from this survey, and reveal the top priorities, pain points, and opportunities for leaders as they navigate the complex clinical data landscape. With commentary by Katrina Rice, Chief Delivery Officer at eClinical Solutions, the eBook also shares practical recommendations for addressing the impact of evolving roles, automation, and cycle time pressures on clinical data services and clinical operations functions.

Download the 2023 Industry Outlook ebook for insights including:

  • The unexpected industry trend topping leaders’ priority lists for 2023
  • How leaders are grappling with the impact of increasing volume and variety of external data sources.
  • The most critical challenges in data acquisition, and how to resolve them.

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