Can you easily access and interact with all of your clinical data?

elluminate® by eClinical Solutions is a comprehensive Data Intelligence Hub. This powerful, purpose- built next generation clinical data repository platform is able to easily and comprehensively consolidate your various clinical data sources. Through aggregation and standardization, you can access a holistic view of all clinical and operational data for analysis and visualization. From cross trial views to the individual subject level data, elluminate® enables you to see data in an entirely different light.

Experience elluminate® and Realize the Possibilities

  • Increase transparency and real-time visibility into both clinical and operational data
  • Enhance collaboration and oversight between investigators, sponsors and CROs
  • Increase speed and efficiency of trial-conduct activities and prepare submission-ready data sets
  • Enhance capabilities to support effective risk-based monitoring strategies
  • Support the establishment of governance models for data standards
  • Adopt a transparent, efficient and smart data standardization process which can decrease the complexity and effort required to standardize data




elluminate® empowers clinical research teams through accessibility, standardization and analytics developed specifically for clinical trial professionals.


elluminate® is engineered with the entire clinical lifecycle in mind. Our platform simplifies the process required to integrate, manage, standardize and analyze your clinical data – ultimately enabling teams to have complete control of their data. Whether you want to transform your organization, prefer to focus only on a certain capability or need the power of combined data and support for a single trial, elluminate® has been configured to provide you this support.


  • Integrate clinical and operational data regardless of source, from various EDC systems, IVR, CTMS and ePRO to safety and lab databases
  • Several out-of-the-box connectors to import from various EDC and clinical systems
  • Integrate data from different file formats such as SAS, XML, CSV or Excel spreadsheets
  • Integrate disparate data quickly and easily by leveraging web services and advanced workflows


  • Manage integrated data and categorize by study, compound, phase, indication, therapeutic area, blinded/un-blinded, etc.
  • Configure data access by role, based on business needs and requirements
  • Create data snapshots easily to support review for Interim Analysis, Data and Safety Monitoring Boards(DSMBs), etc.
  • Export data on demand in various formats, including SAS and XML
  • Gain complete control of all clinical and operational data


  • Enable transparent, efficient data mapping and transformation to sponsor-specific CDSIC based standards and analysis
    datasets using Mapper
  • Out of the box Standards Validator enables exhaustive compliance checks for adherence to appropriate CDISC standards
  • Allow organizations to leverage and benefit from the power of data standards to meet FDA submission requirements


  • Functional area driven analytical workflows automatically populate with integrated data, allowing drill down capabilities
    from cross trial down to subject level – supporting functions such as data management, safety, clinical operations and
    medical monitoring
  • Ad-hoc reporting supported through the integration of JReview®, the business intelligence tool most regulatory bodies
    (including the FDA) utilizes to review data
  • Analyze your clinical and operational data to make effective decisions faster

Leverage and maximize insights into your clinical and operational data in real time through elluminate®.

Rapid Start Up

With short implementation timelines, available at a fraction of the cost of enterprise data warehouses, elluminate® enables unparalleled access to your operational and clinical data. Utilizing secure cloud computing, it offers a scalable integration of clinical data for efficient reporting and analysis.

Clinical Trial Analytics for Clinical Operations and Signal Detection

Facilitate data exploration across domains, studies and compounds to identify trends and outliers while providing traditional line listings, descriptive statistics and visual patient profiles.

Improved measuring and monitoring for deeper insights into the operational health of clinical trials, delivering access to trial performance across multiple data streams in one consolidated view.

Intelligent and Efficient Data Mapping

Through elluminate®, clinical programming teams can easily transform clinical data from any source via an intuitive, self-service mapper interface. Mapper empowers even functional users to perform the data transformations required by the FDA and other regulatory bodies.

Developed to provide teams the ability to migrate current and legacy data and prepare for submissions, it shifts the labor- intensive process of data cleaning and conversion to an automated process, saving hours of time and raising the assurance that your data is submission ready.

elluminate mapper visualization

Once standardized, your data becomes centralized and ready for submission, if needed. It can also be leveraged to create and publish analysis ready datasets for integrated visualizations and self-service reporting.

Support for Risk Based Monitoring

Utilize centralized monitoring practices and risk-based monitoring services that enable panoramic views into the most common risk aspects of clinical trial data quality, monitoring and site performance.