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Powering Digital Transformation in Oncology Trials


eClinical Solutions LLC, a global provider of cloud-based enterprise software and software-driven clinical data services that accelerate digital clinical initiatives, today announced that Translational Research in Oncology (TRIO), a global academic clinical research organization (CRO), has selected eClinical’s elluminate® clinical data platform to modernize trial processes across its network of 700+ cancer centers. The adoption of elluminate by life sciences organizations including CROs is increasing across the industry to drive digital transformation strategies by unifying data sources into a centralized platform that enables real-time access and analysis to clinical data from ingestion to insights.

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The variety of digital health data now collected in clinical research has provided tremendous opportunities for scientific breakthrough. In the last decade, the volume of clinical data has grown by 183 percent, with over two-thirds of sponsors now using or piloting at least four different data sources in their trials. Despite significant innovation in data collection platforms and capabilities, including those for decentralized clinical trials (DCT), there has been less innovation on the process of ingesting, reviewing, organizing and analyzing these data streams. 75 percent of companies still rely on existing excel and SAS infrastructure to organize their data once it has been collected.

“TRIO and eClinical share the same vision of bringing safe and effective oncology treatments to patients faster,” said Dr. Launa Aspeslet, CEO of TRIO. “Our worldwide oncology studies benefit from a wealth of diverse data sources which presents us with opportunities to gain deeper knowledge about patient experiences with new therapies. The elluminate platform provides our researchers with faster, automated access to all trial data and clinical analytics that speed the data review and trial management process.”

“CROs working with many different sponsors around the globe experience an exponential level of data chaos as the volume and variety of data sources and standards vary across sponsors,” said Bob Arnesen, eClinical co-founder and President. “Enabling organizations like TRIO to streamline data review processes, increase collaboration among researchers and accelerate time to insights is why we built the elluminate platform. We are delighted to welcome TRIO to the eClinical partner network.”

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