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Optimizing Data Services for Digital Trials with the elluminate Clinical Data Cloud

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The Data Services leadership team at eClinical Solutions sought to improve internal processes to increase productivity and enhance the experience of clients relying on their comprehensive clinical data services. Accelerating the adoption of the elluminate clinical data cloud by the services organization would play a key role in delivering these outcomes. The leadership team was passionate about elluminate’s features and capabilities, confident that internal data managers would benefit from greater utilization, and wanted to ensure that sentiment resonated across the organization. To expand adoption, the leadership team took a closer look at the existing data strategy framework within the organization to identify areas of improvement.

Best Practices & Lessons Learned

Communicate regularly

Frequent communication proved to be an essential component of the elluminate clinical data cloud adoption strategy. Imparting the value and benefits of the technology to end-users and sharing productivity metrics on an ongoing basis kept teams engaged and fostered a data-driven culture.

Empower teams with training and resources

Investments in training resources were essential for both existing and newly created roles on the team. Various types and formats of role-based trainings were created to ensure that each team member had the knowledge needed to maximize the value of the technology and contribute effectively.

Pursue improvement on a continuous basis

A cross-functional approach was taken to re-engineer business processes. Cross-functional discussions provided diverse insights and visibility into how technology was being used across teams, enabling processes to be optimized across the organization. “Discuss and Disrupt” was a practice adopted by teams to encourage sharing best practices and successful strategies frequently so that processes could be augmented accordingly.


Applying the revised data strategy framework to support the adoption of the elluminate clinical data cloud and optimizing how it was used cross-functionally produced a variety of positive measurable results and outcomes for the Data Services team.

By improving processes on a continuous basis, providing the team with role-based training, and communicating the value of these initiatives across the organization, the Data Services team was able to establish a scalable framework for providing technology enabled services and increasing customer satisfaction. The team is well positioned to expand services offerings with the deployment of Risk-Based Quality Management (RBQM) and Statistical Computing Environment (SCE).

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