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MassTLC Tech Top 50 of 2022 Finalist: elluminate Sample Management Analytics

eClinical Solutions has been named a Top 50 finalist by MassTLC for Technology of the Year: Healthcare Tech for elluminate Sample Management Analytics, a product within the elluminate Clinical Data Cloud. This award recognizes a healthcare product or technology that has provided a unique differentiator and has had a significant impact on the company, customer and/or market.

elluminate Sample Management Analytics is designed to streamline and automate the oversight process for biomarker sample data in clinical trials. As medicine becomes more personalized, especially in the areas of cancer research and immunotherapy, biomarkers are an increasingly common patient data source in clinical research. These samples are often from specialty labs and received in varying formats from different vendors, making it difficult to integrate this data. Even one small trial can generate vast volumes of this type of data.

Until now, it has been a continuous challenge to track and evaluate the status of individual samples, and methods have relied heavily on error-prone and time-consuming processes such as spreadsheet trackers and manual data reconciliation. For clinical teams managing trials, these biomarker samples are relied upon as endpoints and are a vital element of operations. The ability to know sample status and use this data proactively is critical to the success of the trial. elluminate Sample Management Analytics allows clinical teams in life sciences to conduct real-time oversight of trial samples in one platform.

What makes elluminate Sample Management Analytics unique?

As precision medicine becomes more prevalent in life sciences, biomarkers are a key component of data collection, used by researchers to identify the right patient populations and measure the success of therapies in development. Healthcare and life sciences discuss the potential for improved patient outcomes as these novel and targeted therapies emerge. Managing and making decisions with biomarker data is essential to clinical trial success for many of these innovative scientific approaches. Meanwhile, clinical operations teams in biopharma are tasked to move at the speed of science and shorten timelines, despite the operational burden that comes with the increased volume and complexity of biomarker data. To add to this, data integration and data operations activities within clinical development still frequently utilize manual methods such as SAS and Excel, which don’t scale easily to meet this challenge.

elluminate Sample Management Analytics replaces manual tracking tools and streamlines the resource-intensive process of managing biomarker data. The product leverages a platform approach to biomarker and patient sample tracking, aggregating external sample inventories and clinical operational data from disparate sources. As the industry seeks ways to speed delivery of promising personalized therapies, elluminate Sample Management Analytics reduces resources strains and accelerates timelines, bringing measurable efficiency to the data activities within this area of research.

As part of the foundational elluminate platform, Sample Management Analytics benefits from elluminate’s core functionality which enables data mapping, aggregation, and access across sources. Cross-functional data stakeholders can collaborate on a single source of truth so that even those teams working in outsourced models obtain real-time insight. In the case of the Sample Management Analytics product, this means not only can disparate samples be combined across vendors, but it can also be combined with data across systems such as electronic data capture (EDC) and interactive response technology (IRT) enrollment, for comprehensive oversight. The product has built in automation for data reconciliation, sample journey visualizations, and statistical reports.

Visualizations track the status of the sample ecosystem in real-time, including sample location and viability tracking to help forecast data for analysis. Out-of-the box analytics range from basic metrics to complex flow tracking so teams can access the exact information needed at any point in the sample journey. Sample Management Analytics goes beyond sample status tracking by automating visibility and analysis into the sample lifecycle as it happens with this integrated platform approach.

What are the benefits of elluminate Sample Management Analytics?

Sample Management Analytics results in cost-savings and efficiency gains by eliminating the need for manual trackers and enhancing reporting accuracy for decision-making, tracking and forecasting. Timely analytics mean issues are proactively identified so that corrections can be made at the source. As a result, decision-making based on invalid data is eliminated and the risk of running into costly downstream errors is reduced.

elluminate Sample Management Analytics was created with input and collaboration from an elluminate client, a Massachusetts immunotherapy company headquartered in Cambridge. The client team has seen measurable success with the capabilities that informed the elluminate Sample Management Analytics product. By automating the integration of data from nine external vendors, clinical operations and other stakeholders gained real-time data access for this critical lab data. The clinical operations team can monitor sites at a glance to ensure trial execution, and the team reduced and simplified their effort to track samples. They are able to proactively identify sample and sample information issues before they become roadblocks, and can track key sample metrics in real time such as cell viability and collections compared to expected. In one analysis of specific patient and sample tracking activities before and after using the product, the client found that using Sample Management Analytics reduced manual work by a time savings of 40-60 hours per month, per study.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of using a centralized platform for biomarker sample and patient data tracking with elluminate Sample Management Analytics, we invite you to request a demo with one of our product experts.

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