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Thought Leaders from eClinical Solutions Share Modern Clinical Data and Analytics Strategies, Showcase Product Innovations at PHUSE US Connect 2022

Company to highlight the expansion of the end-to-end capabilities of the elluminate Clinical Data Cloud which now includes a Statistical Computing Environment (SCE).

Executive-led sessions and workshops will feature insights and best practices on machine learning and automation, data management for decentralized trials, RBQM strategies, and modern tools to organize clinical data.

eClinical Solutions, a global provider of digital clinical software and services, will officially launch and demonstrate the elluminate® Statistical Computing Environment (SCE) at PHUSE US Connect 2022 in Atlanta this week. This year marks an expanded presence for the company at PHUSE, an industry group that aligns with eClinical Solutions’ mission of helping life sciences companies maximize the value of their clinical data to bring new medicines to market faster. 

eClinical Solutions will be demonstrating the elluminate Statistical Computing Environment – a validated environment for statistical analysis and reporting – during the conference at booth #6. Integrated with the elluminate Clinical Data Cloud, the SCE provides one centralized place for all data, metadata, programs, and results – increasing the efficiency, traceability, and visibility of statistical analyses. With elluminate SCE, programmers and statisticians can develop and maintain programs and scripts from popular programming languages and execute those programs against data within the platform. elluminate SCE enhances the value of taking a platform approach with built-in automation and access to data, standards, and mappings allowing for greater reusability and transparency in the production of submission or exploratory analysis outputs.

“The adoption of digital and Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) models has accelerated and our industry now faces increasing amounts of complex clinical data. To stay ahead, the demand for a foundational platform that automates end to end clinical data flow has grown significantly across all segments of the Life Sciences market,” said Raj Indupuri, CEO and co-founder of eClinical Solutions. “To address these market needs, we continue to innovate and expand the elluminate Clinical Data Cloud. Our SCE will reduce the manual work involved with standardizing and analyzing large volumes of trial data and help bring treatments to patients faster.”

eClinical Solutions’ executives and industry experts will also share insights and best practices on key topics and trends directly impacting digital clinical trials during the following sessions:

  • ET11: The Decentralized Trials Data Problem: Foundations for the Future of Clinical Trials, presented by Raj Indupuri, CEO and Co-founder;
  •  RM04: The RBM to RBQM Transformation: More Than the Method or the Tool, presented by Jason Konn, Product Manager;
  • SD10: Data Standardization at Scale with the elluminate Clinical Data Cloud, presented by Nathan Johnson, Vice President Digital Innovation; and
  • DS10: Data Classification Automation, presented by Robert Musterer, Vice President Product Management.

Additionally, a hands-on workshop – Modern Tools and Strategies to Integrate & Map New Clinical Data Sources – will be led by Nathan Johnson and Sam Anwar, Chief Technology Officer at eClinical Solutions. This workshop is designed to provide hands-on experience with an automation platform including using a low code environment for importing diverse data sets, comparing data to standards, mapping to standard formats, and visualizing end to end data flows for greater reuse of programming for analyses. Opportunities for machine learning  capabilities and models coming to further automate clinical data mapping will also be highlighted.

For more information on eClinical Solutions’ presence at PHUSE please visit: https://www.eclinicalsol.com/event/phuse-us-connect-2022/

About eClinical Solutions

eClinical Solutions helps life sciences organizations around the world accelerate clinical development initiatives with expert data services and the elluminate Clinical Data Cloud – the foundation of digital trials. Together, the elluminate platform and digital data services give clients self-service access to all their data from one centralized location plus advanced analytics that help them make smarter, faster business decisions.

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