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Decibel Therapuetics

Decibel Maximizes Every Data Point

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With the elluminate Clinical Data Cloud®, Decibel Therapeutics proactively manages and monitors data across a growing portfolio. Centralized, standardized data inform analytics for democratized data access across stakeholders, and Decibel gains maximum data control and quality in an outsourced model.

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As a biotechnology company specializing in clinical trials for rare diseases, Decibel Therapeutics needed to make the most of their many data sources. Like many emerging biotech companies experiencing rapid growth, they were contending with resource constraints and aggressive timelines. Decibel knew that they needed a centralized platform capable of integrating multiple new data sources as trials evolved. They wanted a platform that could standardize data sources for efficient data review and scalability that could be rapidly implemented by a small team.


Decibel found that eClinical Solutions’ elluminate was an excellent fit for their current requirements and for the future. Despite having diverse data sources — including animal studies and natural progression studies — the elluminate Mapper product was able to aggregate and standardize all ingested data. Centralized data and alerts for missing or incorrect data allow for a more efficient data review process. With elluminate, data can be annotated and analytics and visualization can be layered, increasing the ability to share insights.


Decibel quickly saw value in the time saved in analysis by providing quick access to data by end users. The company plans to continue to build out more data visualizations to allow for greater access to their clinical data. They are also working with their audiologist on medical monitoring, with the information gleaned going directly into the elluminate platform. As they scale up their trials, Decibel plans to use elluminate for more processes. They also anticipate that they will be able to further minimize the time between Last Patient Last Visit (LPLV) and database lock.

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Decibel, amid rapid growth, overcame resource constraints and aggressive timelines by leveraging elluminate. With Data Central, Analytics, and Mapper, they scaled development operations and enhanced stakeholder visibility. elluminate Implementation services granted Decibel greater data control and quality in their outsourced model. Partnering with eClinical ensured maximum data ownership and adaptability to trial and portfolio changes.

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