Introduction to elluminate® CTMS

Recorded Live: January 27, 2021

A Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) provides tremendous value for the clinical operations teams responsible for running the trials, as well as for management oversight and all associated support units.  In the modern era of clinical trials, outsourcing and development partnerships typically result in much of this valuable information residing outside of the sponsor organization and tremendous variability in organizational needs.  The result has been the proliferation of manually maintained Excel trackers based on monthly downloads from CROs and/or development partners.

The elluminate CTMS was specifically designed to address these issues.  Leveraging the elluminate platform for the ingestion and integration of data from a wide variety of sources, the elluminate CTMS solution is right-sizeable to meet your needs.  The elluminate platform is the ONE centralized place for all your clinical data including operational data, much of which is available in your existing EDC and e-clinical systems. This webinar will introduce the elluminate CTMS application, which is now available in the elluminate platform. The webinar will include: 

  • An overview of the elluminate platform and CTMS product capabilities including a demonstration of available functionality. 
  • Operational insights, analytics and visualizations that are available for proactive trial oversight and management. 
  • Unique benefits offered to CTMS users through the combination of elluminate CTMS and the elluminate platform including data ingestion, governance and self-service analytics.


Robert Musterer

Robert Musterer

Vice President, Product Management, eClinical Solutions

Rob Musterer is passionate about using technology to accelerate the clinical development process.  He uses his extensive industry experience that ranges from hands on work as a Data Manager and Clinical Programmer to global management responsibilities covering both operational and IS support for clinical development.  Coupled with an MBA and over a decade of consulting experience, Rob is constantly looking for ways to push boundaries and deliver excellence for customers of all sizes.

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