COVID-19 Analytics


Asking and answering questions and managing change is your life. What is the impact of COVID-19 to your study? You need to know if issues and new threats to safety are emerging, if dates are in jeopardy, and if there will be delays. Will you need to change the protocol? Which patients have missed visits or doses, or have any discontinued? Do you need to adjust drug supply? elluminate COVID-19 analytics are designed to answer those questions. The dashboard is a summary level with links to details, and filters are on every sheet at the top. KPIs show counts of key indicators with links to detailed sheets. Charts provide at-a-glance insights to missed doses and visits, serious events, and death by age group and sex across countries and sites. A subject overview provides patient details in a grid format for sorting and filtering. From here, you can navigate to a variety of visualizations. Forecasted visits on the visit forecast sheet help with planning mitigation strategies based on frequency of visits and investigational product needs. A great place to start prioritizing your efforts is the COVID indicator sheet. Here various terms indicative of COVID-19 related symptoms are used to generate scoring to help prioritize sites based on reported symptoms. Brought to you by eClinical Solutions using the industry leading clinical data platform elluminate, this set of COVID-19 analytics is just one part of a complete cloud-based enterprise software platform that makes data acquisition, mapping, and analysis easy so you can focus on the story you find in the data. Contact us today to learn more.

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