How to Overcome Your Greatest Data Management Frustrations

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Marty Roche, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, recently talked with Taren Grom, Editor of PharmaVOICE magazine at the DIA Annual Meeting in San Diego. Marty shared his thoughts on the greatest frustrations life sciences companies have in clinical data management, which is the limited ability to access and leverage their clinical trial data for insights. Companies use various service providers and each provider has their own format. Clinical data ends up in various formats and silos rather than aggregated in one data repository or warehouse.

In the PharmaVOICE Editor’s Take video, Marty shares opportunities to gain efficiencies and save time and money.

Data standardization is used in three areas, including:

  • Process–It is easier to repeat the process from trial to trial on a program level

  • Technology–Warehouse clinical data on a single platform and leverage the analytical strengths of a clinical data repository (CDR)

  • Standards–Embrace data standards to enable greater use of data in the future for analysis and submission

Clinical data management is a significant challenge and we can all learn from one another.

What are your greatest frustrations in clinical data management? How have you been overcoming these challenges to date? How well is your current approach working?


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