C-Suite Views on Opportunities and Barriers for Clinical Services

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Recently PharmaVOICE asked me and other C-Suite executives from around the clinical services ecosystem what we see as opportunities and barriers for improving the clinical development process. I’m excited about the promise of genomics as an opportunity to innovate the process, which can lead to increased success and decreased costs.

The January 2014 issue of PharmaVOICE features a collection of  these viewpoints.

Common themes around future innovations include:

  • A common platform that enables data from various sources to be delivered to a sponsor in a timely manner

  • The use of genomics to tailor treatment

  • Mobility and connectivity to integrate technologies used today, such as SharePoint and Microsoft Office, with new technologies and processes

  • Adoption of new technologies –social, mobile, and analytics–across the various phases of drug development

  • Data standardization, such as through CDISC, offers the promise of quicker time to market, decreased costs, and increased quality

Common themes around barriers were:

  • Tendency to resist new innovative IT solutions–this is common in highly regulated and conservative environments such as healthcare

  • The need to move quickly and not taking the time to plan and innovate in early phases of trial planning

  • The desire to “keep things in house” and reluctance to collaborate across the healthcare ecosystem (ie, payers, providers, academia, patients, and cross-functionally with internal teams)

  • The use of precedence as a business strategy and the mindset of “no one ever got fired for maintaining the status quo”

  • Integrating genomic data into clinical development, and the cost and unreliability of DNA sequencing technology available today

  • The current regulatory system has not evolved to allow a simpler approach to drug development in a cost-effective manner

  • Lack of a comprehensive clinical platform spanning the entire development spectrum from clinical trials, clinical data capture and warehousing, to supply chain

What do you see as opportunities to innovate clinical development? Please share your ideas and thoughts!

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