Simplifying clinical trials with Medidata Rave. Transforming clinical research.

Medidata Rave is a vertical SaaS platform designed to virtually transform clinical trial research for life science companies. This unique platform enhances and streamlines clinical trials from start to finish by eliminating repetitive processes, improving collaboration and decision making, and reducing costs for clinical development.

The solutions by Medidata Rave provide efficiencies across the clinical trial process:

  • Build clients’ global library for efficiencies and reusability
  • Leverage best practices to build studies by Rave certified DM team
  • Efficiently clean clinical data and manage and expedite monitoring flows
  • Implement “real time” integration with clinical data repository
  • Mitigate risk during the clinical development process

From initial concept and design to the close of a trial, Medidata Rave is the proven platform that redefines industry standards for clinical trial productivity and quality control.

eClinical Solutions’ mission is to make clinical data acquisition, standardization, aggregation and analytics absolutely simple and easy.

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