Let’s Bring Them Home!

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eClinical Team at Mass GeneralFor the past twelve years, I have volunteered each Christmas to play the role of Santa in the children’s wing of Massachusetts General at their holiday party. Three of us share this role and the instructions we receive from the hospital are to make sure not to promise the patients that anything they ask for can be guaranteed.

Unlike my kids, the kids at Mass General don’t ask for toys. Or video games. Or books or bikes or any of the usual requests that make up a Christmas list. They all ask for only one thing – to go home.

As a parent, I can only imagine what these patients, and the parents of these patients, are going through and how bittersweet a holiday tradition must be. At some level, these parents must wonder whether they can count on having another Christmas with their son and daughter. My biggest comfort comes from the small part my company and my team provide by doing all they can to advance the challenge and the promise of drug development.

For those of us in clinical trials, data collection, data quality, data aggregation and analytics are how we spend our time and the difference in how well we do our jobs could mean the difference in a medicine getting to market sooner or at all.

So while history may never reflect the names or outwardly celebrate the hard work of the data quality and management teams, they are still an enormous part of the process. Our teams are motivated by the importance of the work we do and proud to play a part in helping others. From those of us at eClinical Solutions to all of our colleagues, customers and friends also working to make a difference, never forget that our actions can impact the lives of others. So that maybe these kids can have another Christmas, and can go home.


Bob Arnesen

Bob is the President of eClinical Solutions, LLC a services and software company dedicated to supporting clinical drug development. He lives in New Hampshire with his wife and three sons.

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