On the Horizon: Discussing Key Life Sciences Trends for 2015

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In the November/December 2014 issue of PharmaVOICE magazine is an article looking ahead to what is on the horizon in 2015. The article provides expert insights across all sectors of the life sciences industry. The article identifies 10 mega trends that will have the most impact on the industry and shape the future of healthcare.

The life sciences trends identified are:

  • Innovation ﹘ disruptive technology trends in research
  • Personalized/precision medicine
  • Payers ﹘ evidence-based medicine, comparative effectiveness, and cost containment
  • Power of patients ﹘ the era of healthcare consumers
  • Specialty pharma
  • An integrated business model
  • Digital disruption
  • Connected health
  • R&D crowdsourcing
  • Augmented reality

The 6th trend identified, an integrated business model, speaks directly to the importance of how understanding data from across the organization can be leveraged to bring greater value to patients, providers, and payers. Data is power, and life sciences companies have an incredible amount of data. To maximize this asset, life sciences companies must improve their ability to easily integrate, aggregate, and analyze clinical and operational data for enhanced efficiencies and improved decision-making.

I contributed to the article, and shared our vision that comprehensive analytics can support clinical data management in the areas of risk-based monitoring, clinical program oversight, and patient safety. The technology exists today to aggregate and analyze clinical trial data in order to support better patient care.

If you are interested in what 2015 might look like in the life sciences, you will want to read this article.

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