What Brilliant Insights Do You See In Clinical Trial Data?

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Sponsors want to leverage their clinical trial data to support critical decisions. To do this clinical data needs to be easily accessible and consolidated for sponsors to have a complete view of the efficacy and safety of a treatment.

What can a clinical data repository do?

Today most sponsors are only able to view siloed data components, which limit their ability to identify trends and information to empower their decision making. A clinical data repository (CDR) standardizes, aggregates, and organizes clinical data from multiple systems and sources to support insightful analyses that drive impactful actions.

I recently contributed an article to PharmaVOICE magazine. The article highlights how CDRs are cost-effective and robust platforms that aggregate clinical trial data from multiple sources and provide insights that enhance decision-making. Advanced analytics capabilities bring data listings to life enhancing the ability of life sciences companies to identify quality issues or detect safety signals more quickly and efficiently. A CDR can also automatically update reports and dashboards as new data are integrated into it.

A CDR enables team members across the life sciences organization to gain actionable insights, and the article outlines the robust set of standard reports a best-in-class CDR will include out-of-the-box.

Have you implemented a CDR? If so, please share your best practices. Are you thinking about implementing a CDR? If so, what challenges are you encountering? Please share your experiences and questions as you move forward with this initiative.

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