Helpful Tips For Clinical Data Repository Implementation

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A Clinical Data Repository (CDR) allows for the ideal data management process during any given clinical trial. We went over the benefits early adopters see in order to justify bigger costs and longer implementation times in our last blog. However, the early adoption phase for CDR technology is over. The next generation of clinical data repositories is taking over and implementation is more cost effective. Not to mention, less time consuming.

With real-time access to data, insights and support for risk-Clinical Data Repositorybased monitoring and complete control over organizational data, implementing a CDR solution that’s right for your organization is business critical. Our team at eClinical Solutions has a few tips on what to prioritize to help CDR implementation go smoothly and quickly.

Set Realistic Expectations

You’re not going to be able to do everything you would like to do immediately. You have to start prioritizing certain things in order to start getting value from your clinical data repository as quickly as possible. Prioritize a configurable solution over a customized one.

There’s a big difference between customizable and configurable solutions for clinical trials. Customization requires countless hours of technical development and testing and this usually needs to be done for each clinical trial project. A configurable solution will offer you the same access and tools with a fraction of the setup time customized options need.

Prioritize Important Data

In a perfect world, you would start using your clinical data repository for all of your projects immediately! But we all know that’s not how the real world works. The longer your clinical data repository goes unused, the more resources are being wasted.

It’s extremely important to prioritize the data you begin inputting based on immediate value. Importing data no one is necessarily using at the moment or from an old project isn’t as effective as imputing data from a clinical trial or project that will really gain value from the addition of a clinical data repository.

At eClinical Solutions, we help organizations of every size implement business changing CDR technology within a budget and timeframe that fits their needs. The entire industry has learned a lot about CDRs. You can reap the rewards of our findings while taking advantage of improved technology and lower implementation costs. Contact us for a demo or more details about the next generation of our industry-leading data repository, elluminate®.

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