Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!  The beginning of a new year never fails to remind me of how overwhelmed I am with digital photos.  The volume of them, their many storage locations, the need to back them up in a timely fashion.  Thinking about my photo files leads me to my music files.  Different files but similar problems – lots of logins, backups, listening systems, etc.  Add to the photos and the music: my personal apps, apps that make work information and systems accessible remotely, a laptop, a Kindle, an iPad and even an old but totally efficient and stunningly straightforward mp3 player.


It’s enough to make my head spin but I also can’t give up a single one of those systems.  Each of my devices and systems provides a level of utility that I can’t live without, even though 10 years ago I did just fine without any of them.


Clinical data management in 2016 has some relevant parallels to the personal technology situations so many of us have. When I started in this industry, most studies were still conducted on paper; early adopters might have been using a simple RDC or ePRO system but it wasn’t the norm.  (Just like using a hand-held device to do online shopping while commuting on public transportation wasn’t the norm in 2001!) Fast forward to today and you may be using EDC, CTMS, RTSM/IRT, eTMF, sponsor and/or investigator portals, ePRO, and RIM systems.  Each system brings it own challenges, but each one also makes accessible to you information that used to be much harder, or even impossible, to get in a timely fashion.   It probably doesn’t seem reasonable to go back to a time when you did your job without these electronic data systems in place, and yet the further forward you go the more likely you are to have yet another system added to the mix.


Did I leave any systems off of the list of ones you are using these days?  One of my own New Year’s resolutions to organize my own technology; I know this is a challenge for my colleagues working with multiple vendors and platforms and wonder if any of them have similar plans to streamline their technology in 2016.  Do your personal or clinical systems work together in any interesting ways?


Written by Katrina Rice

Katrina Rice is the Vice President of ProfessionaL Services for eClinical Solutions LLC.  She has worked for more than twenty years in management roles supporting drug development.  She received a BS in Computer Science, believing that one day the industry would embrace technology and all its challenges and benefits.

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