4th Global QA Conference & 30th SQA Annual Meeting

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Here’s a wrapup of my experience at SQA 2014 in Las Vegas.

Key components of the week:

  • 2 Days of the SQA Quality College
  • 4 Days of the SQA Annual Meeting
  • Countless networking opportunities
  • An amazing Elton John concert

What a week! As I reflect on the 4th Global QA Conference & 30th SQA Annual Meeting, I am so grateful to be in this profession. We truly make a difference in the world. Over the 6 days I spent in Las Vegas, I was able to teach new and seasoned professionals the ins and outs of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and other important topics. I was able to learn new things and exchange ideas with industry peers. I can say without hesitation, I am better at my craft now than I was a week ago. Kudos to everyone who put in the work to make this year’s SQA Annual Meeting and Conference a huge success. I was honored and thrilled to be on the Program Committee this year.

Some of the things I’ve taken away from the week:

  • The new talent in QA is formidable, hungry, and they need quality mentors – the future is in great hands
  • Technology will continue to take a larger role in improving clinical research – we must continue to find better ways to make our processes and systems work together
  • Regulations will become more strict, not less, and we must be agile and adaptable
  • We have never been more responsible for our personal career advancement – membership in organizations like SQA provide the resources to expand our opportunities and help us grow as professionals

I hope to meet you at next year’s event in Tampa, Fl.

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