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Make sure your data complies with the new FDA requirements. This innovative solution quickly and easily converts data into CDISC standards format. It’s time to understand the state of your data so that you can submit confidently and maximize your insights.

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Rethink Data Mapping

For most organizations, data transformation and mapping requires significant time and resources. Today’s clinical development world is complicated by multiple data sources, diverse datasets, complex study designs and frequent protocol amendments. Not only do these unanticipated challenges pose a logistical burden, they also inhibit visibility into clinical trial data and complicate FDA submissions. Programming resources are scarce and costly, analytics software licensing is prohibitively expensive, and delays to the critical path are unacceptable. elluminate® Mapper, a data aggregation and transformation tool , was purpose designed to resolve these challenges and deliver self-sufficiency for clinical development teams.

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Submission-Ready Analysis

One of the key capabilities within the elluminate® Data Intelligence Hub is the ability to dynamically transform data into submission-ready CDISC SDTM and analysis datasets. The elluminate® Mapper provides the ability to apply complex transformations utilizing a visual, drag-and-drop interface. Initial SDTM mappings typically require 240+ hours of expensive programming resources over a course of weeks. With this tool, it can be accomplished by your own team in a fraction of the time. Subsequent modifications to the mappings, such as protocol amendments, can be done in minutes. This high-powered capability empowers organizations to convert all and any data to reporting-friendly datasets, ensuring analysis is done on the full breadth of data collected for valuable insights. It eliminates the need for coding and ensures your valuable programming resources can spend less time combining and integrating data and more time supporting queries and analysis in real time.

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