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Data and analytics are two of the biggest buzzwords in the Life Sciences industry today. While we’re creating exponentially more data points than we have in the past, they are virtually useless if they cannot be read and analyzed. This is a common problem that is found throughout the clinical trial community. The first step to harnessing the full potential of your data is data standardization.

Standardized Data Works Together

In order for your data to come together to paint the story you’ve been working for, a standardized format must be in place so that the data makes sense. One of our clients thought using a single electronic data capture (EDC) platform would ensure their data was standardized. However, they work with multiple data management partners, including internal resources, and ended up with data in a variety of different structures and formats.

This client needed a partner that was able to integrate and standardize legacy data with ongoing clinical trial data and CTMS system data. Effectively aggregating this data, in a cost effective manner, was the key to allowing multiple functional groups access and control over their work.

elluminate Empowers Your Organization

Our clinical trial data repository system, elluminate, was built to meet these specific needs. We helped them integrate, convert and standardize the data from all of these different sources. Through web services we were even able to integrate current clinical trial data with the existing pool in real time.

elluminate has many unique features that save our clients time and money . It provides your team with instant access to data in SDTM format. Also, it gives you the ability to create powerful data visualizations and analytics without any additional programming. It’s all built into the platform.

Our team of experts can put together a data standardization strategy that’s tailored to fit your organization’s needs. Request a demo of elluminate today and watch how your world can change.


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