Data Visualizations for Star Wars

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Like millions of other kids who grew up in the ‘70s and early ‘80s, I share my love of all things Star Wars with my millennial kids. We counted down the days until opening weekend, when we had tickets to see The Force Awakens. While my daughters, son and I prepared to spend the days leading up to the anticipated release in gleeful marathon viewing sessions of Star Wars episodes I-VI, my husband just wanted a quick review of the first 6 movies. He wanted to recall enough of the back story to enjoy the new movie with us. When he heard us dissecting who’s who of the Force and the Dark Side, he kept asking, “Wait, which guy is that? What movie was he in?” When I came across this character timeline, I knew this data visualization was just the kind of succinct reminder my husband would appreciate.

Star-Wars-DataMy husband wasn’t interested in spending 13 hours and 17 minutes prepping for The Force Awakens. (Yep, that’s all 6 movies end to end.) However, a quick look at the above visualization gave him a clear reminder of some key information. In a handful of seconds, he can gain a level of insight into 12 main characters.   Someone somewhere counted every mention of these characters in the film scripts; that’s a lot of data to collect! But once the data are condensed down and displayed as a colorful graphic, all of that raw information comes together to provide a simple, understandable and helpful image.

eClinical Solutions turns collected clinical data into insightful visualizations. Our reporting solutions take data that was once an ambiguous listing and bring it to life. And with those lively data visualizations, functional groups are empowered to make crucial development and business decisions expeditiously. And they don’t even need to use the force.


Written by Jamie Clark. Image from Evelina Gabasova’s Blog.

Jamie works in business support for eClinical Solutions and has a background in psychology. She is passionate about helping guide effective decision making through the use of data visualization.

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