Data Conversion Increases Transparency in Data Reporting

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An emerging pharmaceutical player in the Southern California area came to us for help in executing their vision for data collection, management and utilization. They wanted their 40-person team to be able to have complete access and control over every clinical trial they were carrying out and planning. This would give their organization the benefits of data standardization, analytics and transpatime and moneyrency right from the start. With close-knit co-workers, transparency cannot be underestimated.

Like any other pharmaceutical company, time and money are two very important factors. In this situation, not only was our client looking for a data management solution, but also a partner they can trust to look out for them in the future.

How elluminate helps in clinical trial data conversion

The eClinical Solutions team started out by configuring their first clinical trial using the industry-leading Medidata Rave EDC platform. With this system, the organization is able to standardize technology, process and data standards. This little company was very smart to implement our expertise and this technology earlier rather than later.

The next step was integrating our clinical data repository, elluminate! This industry-changing technology allows our client to use one platform for data aggregation, standardization and analytics. Being able to command your hard earned data and analyze it in any form is a powerful feeling.

Today, we still continue to offer this client support and look to increase their organization’s efficiencies at a program-level to save them both time and money.

Scalable clinical trial solutions save time and money

With the help of our trained experts in data conversion and management, we implemented a solution that will serve this small pharmaceutical company well into the future as they continue to grow. Early implementation of this technology resulted in a 35% decrease in configuration costs on their next clinical trial.

At eClinical Solutions, we want to help you prepare for a successful clinical trial. We’ll be there to guide you and your team every step of the way. Contact us today to see how we can help you increase data reporting efficiency and transparency.


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