Clinical Data Repository

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Empowering through Access and Insights
eClinical Solutions’ mission is to make clinical data acquisition, standardization, aggregation and analysis absolutely simple and easy.

How do we achieve this with standardization, aggregation and analysis?
By implementing elluminate®, our clinical data repository that enables organizations to have complete access to ALL of their collected data—aggregated, standardized and ready for analysis and visualization. From cross trial views down to the patient level, elluminate® empowers organizations by taking disparate data, standardizing it based on CDISC standards, and making it accessible for utilization and powerful analysis.

  • Data importer/exporter for effortless integration and sharing of data
  • Dashboard visualizations and customized reporting for powerful analysis
  • Data quality for validation and compliance with CDISC standards
  • Metadata management for browsing, viewing, and searching study metadata
  • Complete audit trails and compliance with Part 11


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