Clinical Data Repository Benefits for Early Adopters

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Clinical data repositories (CDRs) are a hot topic among clinical trial data managers. CDR’s empower data managers, and other employees who utilize data in the organization, to control all their data in real time. Consolidating data from varied sources and allowing us to see the data in a unified view is a dream come true.

Many early adopters and innovators have seen the value that Data Aggregationcan be derived from CDR technology. However, there are higher costs and risks associated with adopting new technologies early on. This begs the question, why would life sciences leaders take the risk on clinical data repositories? The short answer is that the benefits are well worth the cost.

Today, we’re going to look at the benefits a clinical data repository will provide your organization and why early adopters were so eager to implement this technology.

Aggregated Data in Real Time

If you told your data manager that he could look at the data as it comes in, he would get really excited. There’s no need to sit and wait for large clinical data dumps anymore. With near real time data, you always have the latest, up-to-date information from your clinical trial.

Not only is this clinical data coming in near real time, but it’s also aggregated from all kinds of different sources! Everything from ePRO, CTMS, IWRS, EDC, CDMS, IVR, ECGs and even Labs are being aggregated all together. You can now see all of your data through one looking glass.

Improved Clinical Data Analysis

What do aggregation and real-time updates have in common? They have the ability to take your analysis of clinical trial data to the next level. You’ll enjoy diving into an in-depth analysis of a rich sea of data with better reporting tools than individual point solutions provide. Decisions regarding clinical trial management to risk-based monitoring instantly become easier.

The early adopters have already paved the way to make implementing a clinical data repository that much easier. If you act quickly, you can still be part of the early majority to implement a CDR in your organization.

At eClinical Solutions, we’ve built the revolutionary CDR, elluminate®! When it comes to data aggregation and standardization, elluminate® is an unmatched solution. Our experts are ready to make the implementation of this highly customizable data repository as easy as possible. Contact us today, request a demo and see how we can make your data beautiful.

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