The Challenges and Goals of Data Standardization

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The processes surrounding data collection, transformation and analysis continues to be unstable and inconsistent in the life sciences industry. In recent years, data standardization practices have been developed and honed to fight these inefficiencies. With the right people using the right tools, standardization can improve clinical trial research through enhanced data quality, integration and reusability. This can aid organizations in audits and allow them to share data more readily.

Standards Benefit SharingData Sharing

The major benefit of sharing and reusing data is so that a secondary analysis can answer new questions the original researchers didn’t explore. In order for this to happen, the data must be so well defined that not only humans, but also computers can use it. For this reason, data must meet the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) standards.

However, if data standardization is not done well, it can adversely affect the clinical trial research data. Standardization does not ensure quality, nor does it imply that the data will fit the needs of the secondary researchers. That’s why planning ahead, anticipating needs and considering the clinical data life cycle is so important.

eClinical Solutions Understands Standardization and Conversion

Starting with data collection using CDASH, submissions with SDTM and analysis with ADaM, we cover ever level of assistance for conversion and data standardization needs. We can convert both ongoing and legacy data to sponsor-specific standards to meet SDISC SDTM standards.

The people, process and technology all contribute to eClinical Solutions’ expertise and effectiveness when it comes to standardizing and converting data. Whether your legacy data needs to be transformed into something usable, or you have ongoing projects that need standardization protocols set, our experts know how to meet specific client needs.

Our work shortens submission times, data analysis, reporting and the creation of submission ready data sets. If you need a team of experts to aid your data standardization and conversion efforts, contact to us to learn more about our extensive capabilities.

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