Welcome to the Brand New eclinicalsol.com!


Welcome to the Brand New eclinicalsol.com!

by Alison Banda – Sr. Marketing Manager, eClinical Solutions

Staying ahead of digital trends in order to help transform clinical development is critical to the eClinical Solutions business. The products and services we deliver are constantly being updated to take advantage of the latest technology platforms and support new use cases while also ensuring maximum ease of use and accessibility for end users. To  better reflect these values, we’ve undergone a recent website redesign that is now live. With a new, simple and responsive design, all of eCS clients and users are able to more rapidly access the information they need – with ease. Some of the highlights that we hope our community of employees, end users, clients and partners will enjoy are described below. 

Products Page

The Products page focuses on the elluminate®️ platform and the benefits that clients have experienced when using it across different functional areas including data management, clinical operations, biostats and clinical programming.  The four central capabilities of elluminate—mapping, data central, risk-based monitoring and clinical analytics—are also highlighted and explained as well as how they benefit different functions.The client videos help to explain how elluminate is benefiting different leaders in clinical operations, data management, and clinical programming Potential clients may have a lot of questions, so we’ve made finding answers simple by including some of our most common questions directly on the products page in the FAQ section. 

Services Page

eClinical Solutions offers a portfolio of technology enabled clinical data services. As a comprehensive data services provider, we offer best practices based Medidata Clinical Cloud data acquisition builds along with  global libraries and URL management, data management services, biostatistics and statistical programming. Through our ongoing partnership with Medidata, we are able to provide world class data acquisition services. All of these are outlined on our Services page, which also expands on how each of these helps to enable collaboration and empower clients. Questions? Answers to  the most common questions are outlined but don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us


Our goal as an organization is to stay ahead of the technology trends impacting clinical development and to ensure clients, prospects and partners are aware of the ideas, uses cases, and best practices that the industry and peers are considering and utilizing.  This is why we’ve expanded our Resources page to identify essential whitepapers, data sheets and case studies. The  latest resources will be highlighted at the top of the page so you can easily stay updated on our latest information.  These resources will help you learn more about digital data strategy and the big trends impacting clinical research. You can start with the white paper  The Case for a Clinical Data Strategy.

Blog and Interactive Content

More interactive content, such as blogs, videos and webinars is included to help engage visitors their learning. Videos, such as this client testimonial, help to highlight the real business benefits client are receiving by working with elluminate and eCS Data Services. The blog content will be updated regularly with helpful information about clinical R&D trends and technology. 

eClinical Solutions will also introduce a series of webinars in the new year. If users miss a webinar, they’ll all be available online after they happen. Check out the Events page for more information on our webinars, as well as what events and conferences eClinical will be attending.

We hope that this new website will help everyone stay up to date on the latest trends driving big changes in clinical research. Take your time to look through the new site design, and contact us with any questions you may have. Want to learn more about elluminate? You can request a demo to learn more about how elluminate can help your business grow. 

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