Medidata NEXT: Join eClinical Solutions & Medidata at the Forefront of Science & Technology


Medidata NEXT: Join eClinical Solutions and Medidata at the Forefront of Science and Technology

by Sheila Rocchio – Chief Marketing Officer, eClinical Solutions

Data is a driving force behind today’s breakthroughs and innovations in the life sciences industry. In fact, during a recent study by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD) of trial protocols from 178 global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies last year, Ken Getz reported that “the volume and diversity of data being collected is contributing to high levels of delays and inefficiencies.”* At eClinical Solutions we are focused on helping life sciences companies regain control over their many sources of data through software and tech enabled services that maximize the value and insight clinical data can bring to the development process. Over the past year, our team has spoken with leaders and innovators across the industry who are looking for better ways to review and reconcile data across numerous sources, provide one source of truth for analytics to a variety of end users, and increase overall efficiencies. While the science of the way new therapies work and the unique patient populations impacted differ significantly, the challenges in clinical programming, data management and clinical operations are the same across organizations.

This November, eClinical Solutions is a sponsor of Medidata NEXT, which represents one of the premier forums for exactly the types of connections and conversations needed to drive the industry forward. From Tuesday, November 12 to Wednesday, November 13, Medidata will host major enterprises, thought leaders and professionals in the life sciences sector at Spring Studios in New York City to discuss the future of clinical research.

As a Medidata partner for more than 11 years, eCS is proud to participate in Medidata NEXT and sponsor a patient-focused track called “Empowering Patients.” eCS Executive Vice President of Professional Services, Katrina Rice, will also speak on the first panel of the event, “Trends for the Clinical Trial of Tomorrow,” in which she will discuss predictions and insights on the future of clinical trials.

“The life sciences sector is being propelled by new technology, which makes it an exciting space where we can look ahead and discuss the transformation of the clinical trial ecosystem,” said Katrina. “With over a decade of partnership between our companies, eClinical is looking forward to driving the conversation with Medidata at Medidata NEXT, as we explore how new technologies and advancements in data and analytics will impact the life sciences industry in the years to come.”

On November 13, Sr. Director of Data Management Diane Lacroix will be featured as a speaker on a panel about the implementation of medical devices, entitled “How We Made the Move: Med Device Discussion on How to Select and Implement Transformative Technology.” On the same day, eClinical’s Mary Belgard, Principal Medical Coder, and Riley McCarthy, Clinical Data Manager, will lead a session on “Bringing Your Outside Data In – Maximizing the Value & Capabilities of Rave Coder.”  Learn more about how you can connect with eCS at NEXT here.  

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* Source: Tufts CSDD IMPACT REPORT, Rising Protocol Complexity is Hindering Study Performance, Cost, and Efficiency | July/August, Vol. 20 No. 4

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