Five Key Attributes for Maintaining High Performing Teams

posted on 30th July 2015 in Recommendations

I am fortunate to have worked with some great teams in my career, and it’s a great feeling when teams work well together and accomplish high-level goals. As a senior leader at eClinical Solutions, it’s my job to hire good people and to create an environment where they can grow and succeed. I ran across […]

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elluminate: The Foundation for Complete Data Standardization

posted on 23rd July 2015 in Data Talk

Data and analytics are two of the biggest buzzwords in the Life Sciences industry today. While we’re creating exponentially more data points than we have in the past, they are virtually useless if they cannot be read and analyzed. This is a common problem that is found throughout the clinical trial community. The first step […]

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How Clinical Data Integrity and Quality Help Achieve GCP

posted on 16th July 2015 in Recommendations

Good clinical practice (GCP) is a foundational element in conducting clinical trials. According to the FDA, “GCP is an international ethical and scientific quality standard for designing, conducting, recording, and reporting trials that involve the participation of human subjects. Compliance with this standard provides assurance that the rights, safety, and well-being of trial subjects are […]

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Data Conversion Increases Transparency in Data Reporting

posted on 7th July 2015 in Solutions

An emerging pharmaceutical player in the Southern California area came to us for help in executing their vision for data collection, management and utilization. They wanted their 40-person team to be able to have complete access and control over every clinical trial they were carrying out and planning. This would give their organization the benefits […]

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