How Will Clinical Trials Benefit from $1,000 DNA Sequencing?

posted on 28th January 2014 in News & Events

Did you see the recent announcement from Illumina, the leading maker of DNA sequencers? Their new machine (known as the HiSeqX Ten) will be able to sequence the DNA of a human cell for $1,000. I’m excited about this news and the possibility of this being the beginning of an era of low-cost, industrial-scale sequencing […]

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C-Suite Views on Opportunities and Barriers for Clinical Services

posted on 16th January 2014 in Partners

Recently PharmaVOICE asked me and other C-Suite executives from around the clinical services ecosystem what we see as opportunities and barriers for improving the clinical development process. I’m excited about the promise of genomics as an opportunity to innovate the process, which can lead to increased success and decreased costs. The January 2014 issue of […]

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Can You Commit Risk-based Clinical Trial Monitoring?

posted on 15th January 2014 in News & Events

There is much discussion by regulatory bodies about the benefits of risk-based approaches. One area of focus is clinical trial monitoring. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA) have both issued guidance recommending sponsors shift away from traditional approaches of clinical trial monitoring toward a quality risk management approach. Many sponsors […]

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